We screwed up in ’94. That’s no surprise, either.

I see Keller “missed” my email last week. I wrote, “Bill, what’s this piece doing in inventory? Why are we running a lead story about how we didn’t do our job? This is news?”

But today, there it is, Zeleny’s shot-in-the-foot. The headline: “This Time, Voter Anger Is No Surprise to Democrats.”

In the arsenal of advantages that Republicans hold as they seek to win control of Congress this year, one thing is missing: the element of surprise. Unlike 1994, when Republicans shocked Democrats by capturing dozens of seats held by complacent incumbents, there will be no sneak attacks this year. Democrats have sensed trouble for more than a year, with the unrest from town-hall-style meetings last August providing indisputable evidence for any disbelievers.

The result has been to goad many Democrats into better preparation: more fund-raising, earlier advertising, lots of time on the campaign trail.

“Sneak attacks”? Right, well, as I told Bill what Zeleny’s saying is one of three things. Either, a) in 1994, we didn’t do our job, or, b) nobody reads the paper. Or, c) both.

Then I get to the op-eds and see this:

Disgust with Washington and its overspending, deficits and debt is so great that even nontraditional Republican candidates have real chances to win.

What a thunderbolt. Stop the press. I know, I know. It’s Sunday up there, and nobody’s getting paid to over-think the weekends. But we’re supposed to make money with this? Next thing you know, we’ll be doing front-page stories on yesterday’s weather.

It’s summer. It’s hot. Surprise.

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