Delviscio’s not there – but I will be.

I’m heading back to Russia to look into the so-called “fire” story. Vladimir’s picking up expenses.

This has gotten out of hand. I wasn’t at the paper today or Deviscio’s obviously overheated headline – untouched by human thought – wouldn’t have run. “Russia is burning.” That’s ridiculous.

a.) Russia’s 6.6 million square miles big and they have 800 fires.
b.) That’s one fire every 82,500 square miles.

Hey, Delviscio, you little overachiever. Since when did we do our foreign reporting by scanning I mean. At least Kramer’s in the Moscow office. (Probably hasn’t see a live flame since the day he quit smoking, though.)

Anyway, Duranty will be on the scene, and I’ll let you know what I find in a day or two. As I’ll say to number one houseboy on my way up, “Keep the home fires burning.”

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