Rave, Vaughn!

Spent a nasty hour or two at the paper last night listening to Pinch read the gay marriage editorial to me. It was fine. I added the “the latest link in a chain of pathbreaking decisions that permitted interracial marriages and decriminalized gay sex between consenting adults” bit because I thought African-Americans would feel excluded otherwise. Pinch was a teensy worried some of those Mormon fringe people would use the ruling, but I go, “Pinch, they’re on HBO,” and he’s like fine. It’s just me: Always thinking of the other guy, especially if he’s gay and black. (Pinch, Vaughn and I, of course, are only one of those things. But kissy-kissy too close to the fire and you become both!)

Seriously, we need to get this past SCOTUS so we can start taxing the hell out of all those Catholic and Orthodox freaks for whom, you know, marriage is one of their “sacraments” that can only take place between one person with a penis and one person without (with a gay guy in a dress in between). If they won’t follow the law, well, hey! Tax the bastards straight to hell. Just not this one, please.

God, New York is hot! So relieved to get home. Rubell was having a “Rave Vaughn Walker” party and I stopped by for a minute, long enough to get one of those “VAS Difference” pitchfork stickers Harry Blackman was handing out. That “Voters Are Stupid” movement of his has really caught fire lately. Gotta love Harry.

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