I heart you, Peggy!

We need Republicans, or we’d have nothing. We all have our favorites down here, but Peggy Noonan is at the top of everybody’s list. At the Bob Byrd housewarming, they made a beautiful Peggy-cake, with all hundred candles stuck in the eyes. Nice effect when they turned off the lights, but Bob practically caught his sheet on fire. That was awkward.

Peggy, of course, knew Reagan personally. Martha M once told me she sold Peggy a fragment of Ronnie’s True Shorts. She the kind of Republican we love because her politics are the politics of a party drunk, and the GOP can never have enough of those. They sell a little Chinese “executive gadget” down here for your desk. It’s a miniature teeter-totter – they call it “Crazy Lady Flamers” – with Peggy on one side and Maureen Dowd on the other. Two bouncy redheads! You wind it up and it makes a noise like cats fighting.

Last week, on her Wall Street Journal perch, Peggy took after those Tea Party people. I loved the way she called them Birchers – then denied, in the same breath, she’d done any such thing. She hates them because they make her look less important than Mo.

She has a point. Dowd just has Frank Rich to embarrass her. Noonan has the Tea Party set. I really howled when she called them citizens of “crazy town” and told them to “get serious” by worshipping the governor of New Jersey, I suppose because he wants to balance budgets.

Personally, I think balanced budgets are the Tea Party’s thing already. But they hadn’t been insulted by Noonan yet, so now that’s done. If you can hear me, thank you, Lady Carrot-top! See if you can be one of the boys on Tom Tancredo’s bus! He rolls right over those little people and their annoying signs.

We heart you, too, Tom!

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