The bored and the Board

New York Times

Despite my objections, the paper yesterday announced a new blog–“The Board.” Screams “excitement”, doesn’t it? Pinch wanted to call it “Olympus,” but legal bumped into trademark problems.

Let me just say, I’ve been against this from the start. According to Pinch’s own blurb, “The Board” will be used for “providing commentary and background on each day’s editorials.” Excuse me? Can anyone up there spell “front page”? Do we really need a special blog for running commentary on our commentaries? What are we paying Sheryl Stolberg and Adam Nagourney for? What a waste of compromised talent!

Today, the company’s stock hit an all-time low: $18 and change. Coincidence?


The good news of the day: The farm guy, Verlyn Klinkenborg, finally got in line with the rest of us at the paper and came out against civility. About time! His sentimental reveries about chickens and his inane odes to goats just sucked, and was clearly the result of prolonged drug use. Maybe now somebody topside will set aside the kind of polite deference we habitually give the harmless and tell him to go straight to detox.

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