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New York Times

Pushing this damn stock above $20 is the devil’s work. Literally. When my friends at MoveOn.org agreed to wire my paper almost $80 grand this morning, it perked the stock up into the high nineteens.

I still think we should just come clean, get rid of the “fair and balanced” jive that works about as well for us as it does for Fox News, and let MoveOn write the paper’s editorials. It’s not like we’re going to lose more readers! Plus, we can save a salary or two.

Besides, it’s just a drain on our credibility. Kate Phillips pretending nobody on the edit side at the Times knows anybody in charge at MoveOn is like admitting incompetence. And if you ask me, incompetence is something you don’t just claim, especially if you’re those of us who love and work for the New York Times. It’s something we get to prove every day.

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