The difference between Ukraine and Appalachia

The New York Times.

My friends on 43rd Street carry on in my grand tradition of viewing the rural poor as the pitiful trash they are.

 Midnight dumping of unwanted dogs is common here on the southern tail of the Appalachian Mountains, where large numbers of poor people are attached to multiple pets but cannot afford to sterilize or vaccinate them, and where impoverished county governments do not maintain animal shelters, require licensing or enforce requirements for rabies shots.

The combination of pets and poverty, veterinary experts say, brings similar results to many rural areas: unhealthy conditions for oversized animal populations, desperate efforts by often-overwhelmed individuals to help and a lurking threat to human health.

As I once wrote about the Ukrainian “underclass” (as we must now call our scum), these are not humans in a way that we at the Times understand. In fact, I think perhaps the Ukrainians were superior to these quaint mountain folk. In my day, an extra dog wouldn’t have lasted past lunchtime! These people don’t need fewer “pets.” They just need bigger pots.

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