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A little update to yesterday’s item (below):

Earl Browder, a Kansas typewriter repairman, is my go-to guy on all things Sunflower. He just stopped by to show me Wednesday morning’s Journal. They’re running another Kevin Helliker piece pretending the party tags in Kansas mean something, which they don’t.

The story–about Dennis Moore, a Kansas Democratic congressman–is essentially a rewrite of his earlier item about Nancy Boyda–a Kansas Democratic congresswoman. Helliker’s a KU grad and a protegee of Emerson Lynn, the retired owner of a Kansas daily and a Pulitzer judging committee regular. So I love him. So does Helliker, especially since he was given a Pulitzer a few years ago. (Of course my Pulitzer was more important than his Pulitzer because I am a vastly more important person.)

Where was I? Oh, right. These pieces play on the ignorance people in places like New York have about people in places like Kansas. The riff: Even in red-state, hardcore Republican Kansas Democrats get elected. As they always have. I like it when the competition just recycles their old news. Makes our old news look shiny!

So Bill, an idea: We do a story about how Kansas has never had a conservative Republican governor, ever. Not only that, but over the last half-century, most of them have been Democratsand all of them have been liberal (or “moderate” as they say in Kansas, one of the few places on earth hotter and drier than circle one). The number of conservatives who have won a statewide race in Kansas? Two: One was just tossed out of office; the other’s not running for re-election. As Earl said, “Can you beat that?” I told him to pull up his pants and cover his fat commie butt. However. It would be a scoop.

Well, anywhere outside Kansas that is.

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