Making an omelet doesn’t mean egging them on

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From: Duranty

I sent a memo last week advising against just this:


Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever


Engaging in protests and public actions will embolden others to join in and hearten the vulnerable.

So our strategy is moving away from the unpredictable ballot box and toward street riots?

The problem is, the damn streets run everywhere, including up and down Eighth Avenue. Do you realize how expensive a “public action” in front of our glass-fronted building at 620 Eighth Avenue can be? The only thing keeping our doors open is civility (or laziness) on the part of half the country’s population, all of whom hate us. If we encourage the hoodie troopers to “join in and hearten the vulnerable” we should remember just how vulnerable we are.

(One more thing: If we’re going to carry guns, we really need to watch our feet:

Think of the message sent if the “day without immigrants,” in which foreign-born workers stayed home, became a week or a month.

…or a lifetime, which I think is their whole idea. Which idiot wrote this?! Did somebody forget to grab the passcard from Howell Raines?)

So just calm the hell down! Pinch, back away from the matches. Farenheit 451 and all that.



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