Bradley’s practical joke “misfires” on Fox News

Fox News

Ed Bradley, one of the stars of CBS’s  “60 Minutes” until his reassignment down here last year, is not just a great newsman. He’s also proved himself to be a world-class joker.

Example: Last night, while everyone was at Eva Peron’s  for her annual party–always a drag, always featuring Evita singing “Locomotion” and always ending in tears–crazy Ed and his little friend Herve Villechaise decided to lighten things up, literally.

The duo of doofuses found the pile of tires used by the kids in Eva’s factory to make those rubber-soled huarache sandals that melt all over your kitchen floor, poured some Ever-Clear over the biggest mountain of retreads this side of an NBC prime-time line-up, and lit it–right under the Fox News building on 6th Avenue! Then they went inside, turned on the bigscreen and watched that oily Shepherd chap fight against the urge to scream and run:

Halfway through, when Shepherd starts talking about the cat who visits departing geezers, Ed says, “Kitty! Go to Walter!” Ed misses having the Uncle with him C8. A little patience, Ed! You’re already the king of grins!

Update: Ed–going one better every day. Like this morning, when he got Tupac to do a little boom-boxing under Indonesia, triggering a 6.6 on the Richter!

The uptight bastards on C1 are trying to get his upper-circle pass revoked, but that would make all those funeral fetes truly deadly.

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