Exclusive: 9/11 activist says Ward Churchill latest victim of anti-Semitism

Rocky Mountain News

GEHENNA (C8 NewsWire) – Ethnically Muslim amateur pilot Mo Atta said today in an exclusive interview that he felt Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor recently fired for describing the occupants of the WTC as “little Eichmanns,” had been victimized by anti-Semitic “forces.”

Atta is best known for his successful collaborative effort with other Islamish aviation enthusiasts to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center towers on 11 September 2001, killing nearly 3,000. Atta made the comment just before addressing a large pro-Churchill rally on C9 sponsored by Root Causes, the global justification manufacturer.

“Only Churchill seems to have understood our motives,” Atta said. “We were only trying to help the Jewish people by killing as many ‘little Eichmanns’ as we possibly could.”

 Atta said he and the others believed that peace for Jerusalem would ultimately mean peace for the Middle East. “Little Eichmanns do not remain little for long,” he said. “The American people should look at Churchill’s firing and ask who is protecting these people.” Atta’s comments seemed certain to add credence to those who claim the WTC attack by Atta and the others was the work of the network of powerful Zionists thought by many to be behind many contemporary events.

When asked by a world-famous reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 if he was concerned that innocent non-Eichmanns may have also been killed in the attacks, Atta, a man with lovely brown eyes who who speaks English with an exotically thick accent, replied, “Of course. But to get at the technocratic corps, you must  first penetrate the eggshell.”

At the rally, celebrity socialist Michael Herrington read a statement from  Andrew (“Little Dahmer”) Ross, a New York University professor who serves on a committee on academic freedom for the American Association of University Professors.  “[Churchill’s firing] is a fateful decision,” Ross said. “Academics will less and less feel they can speak their minds with impunity.”

Churchill claimed tribal ancestry, although the exact tribe was not known and is presumed lost.

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