Famed chef links McDonald’s in France with McDonald’s in US

The New York Times

I don’t know how, but suicidal French frymeister Bernard Loiseau got himself and a shotgun invited to Horace Greeley’s annual chili cookoff yesterday. The guy can barely speak English, but that didn’t stop him from ranting like a madman.

His main point seemed to be an obsession with a paranoid conspiracy linking McDonald’s restaurants in France with the original McDonald’s, the American fast-food chain. I just got part of it, but the man is clearly deranged. Not as deranged as George W. Bush, who thinks al-Qaeda in Iraq has something to do with Osama’s al-Qaeda, but crazy nonetheless:

“The facts are that McDonald’s makes Big Macs in the US, they’re making Big Macs in France and across the world and they are plotting to find other ways to make Americans fat again,” Loiseau told a cluster of confused 19th century Italian pasta chefs. “Those who justify eating Big Macs at French McDonald’s by denying the link to McDonald’s in America and its ties to Ray Kroc ignore the clear consequences of such a repast.”

M. Loiseau referred throughout his rambling oration to what a sous-chef said was newly obtained menus lists which he said linked McDonald’s in France and the central McDonald’s management that is believed to be operating from Oak Brook, Illinois, region. Although the sous-chef, said to be a pastry cook, claimed the menu was declassified, he declined to provide any details on the list of items M. Loiseau cited.

In stark terms, M. Loiseau laid out a case that McDonald’s in France had taken its cues from the central McDonald’s leadership, and that it had been led by foreigners who have sworn allegiance to McDonald’s Corporation.

I have heard some whoppers in my day, but this really takes the cake. The French will say anything, including “repast”.

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