The Paper of Record and the wrong MacGyver.

Just so you know, I’ve been in a sales meeting since my last post. The sales manager for our circle loves spreadsheets. The best thing is he reads them slowly aloud in his charming New Jersey accent. Five years of pure hell.

I was delighted to see that we didn’t bother running a piece today on the nomination of Donald Trump. Instead, we ran a cluster of pieces that I like to call “validation journalism” — not really news, but timely, and always designed to reinforce our  readers’ sense of themselves. I pioneered this approach to journalism of course but I’m very happy to see it still works.

Today, it gave us a chance to see the “Trump Organization” at work. A person named “McIver” was asked to create a speech for the missus. But McIver didn’t write it. She compiled it. She “borrowed” a  bunch of text that had already been used. It was an accident! So it wasn’t actually plagiarism. Seems Melania read McIver the speechwriter some passages of stuff from other speeches she’d like to have in her own speech. (“Four score and seven” would have been a nice touch.) So the speechwriter will continue working for the Trump Organization, which is run by a man who got to the top because he knows how to get things done. Badly, apparently. He didn’t even hire the right MacGyver! (The real thing would have looked at the first draft of the speech, then checked it for plagiarism using nothing more than some chewing gum and a glob of Google. Ingenious, no?)

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