Is Glenn Reynolds the ‘Wichita Lineman’ guy?

Or is he the Fox News Mormon madman? Doesn’t matter. I have had it down to here with these people and their character-bashing. For the last two months, all the right-wingnut bloggers have been getting on their high horse about me being a shill for Joe S. I was not, and am not, a shill for anyone. I prefer “communication specialist,” which is modern and ‘net-ready, just like me. But I will settle for “New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter,” which is still what it says here on my business card.

One thing I am not: I am not Thomas Friedman, and one place Thomas Friedman does not sit is here:

…the Walter Duranty Chair at the NYT.

That’s from somebody named “Glenn Reynolds” who styles himself an “Instapundit” – which means “add a few broken eggs and mix,” but who could not find the Duranty Chair if he tried. (It’s the little door in the closet off Marty Arnold’s old office on the 8th, and the plumbing still works just fine, thank you, despite Adam Nagourney practically living in it for three weeks straight after lunch with Roger Ailes.)

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