Targeted pandering

The Wall Street Journal.

My friends at the Journal justifiably are worried that the Republicans might become a minority party again. Why? It seems the GOP base has an unnatural obsession with petty immigration laws:

We’ve written often about the merits of immigration reform, and we have our own problems with parts of the Senate bill. But it’s worth spending some time on the larger politics of the issue, especially for Republicans. They’re caught between a passionate minority of their party–who oppose any reform that allows illegals a path to citizenship–and the larger electorate, which is more moderate and wants to solve the problem. Like Democrats on national security, this is a classic case in which pandering to the base will harm the GOP overall…The longer term danger is that the GOP is sending a message to Latinos that it doesn’t want them in the party. And if that message sticks, Republicans could put themselves back in minority party status for a generation or more.

The Journal‘s right. Why pander to the base, who are all people so stupid and intolerant of illegal immigrants that they vote for Republicans, when you could be pandering to “illegals” on the path to citizenship? If they just had those Hispanic votes, the GOP could remain in power forever, even without the support of the base. (And technically speaking–especially in Spanish–it’s not pandering at all, since there is no word in Spanish for “pandering.” Who needs one? My friend Hugo seems to get along fine without pandering to the poor.)

Just think: An electorate the size of Latin America! That’s what the Journal means by “larger politics.” My question: Doesn’t anybody in the GOP even think anymore? The Republicans are lucky to have the brainpower of the Journal‘s editorial team at their disposal. Otherwise, they’d all be dumb as Bork. That Paul Gigot — why he’s so smart, he’s on Fox.

Incidentally, where I am nobody needs a visa and there’s plenty of jobs for everyone. It was the same in Joe Stalin’s Russia. So it does work.

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